Fitness Partners Workout Center - Altamonte Springs, Florida

Providing me with an extension of my life
Jeremy and Diane, “I want to thank you for providing me with an extension of my life. Pete asked me a few months ago, “what will you miss the most about leaving Orlando?” I didn’t even hesitate, “Fitness Partners”. Besides just being amazing friends, the center is one of a kind. You have created something that is best described as a ‘mini-home’. Most of us, do best if we are in a buddy system when it comes to exercising. And you have created and maintained that environment.”
– Jan Peaver

Fitness partners is truly like family to me
I moved to Orlando 11 years ago and my husband and I did not know anyone outside his practice. I prayed that I would meet good friends ( my type). I knew I liked to work out and felt a gym would be a good start. I found fitness partners and knew this was the right place. It was just what I was looking for- I thought I would give it a try. Little did I know that I would meet some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. I looked forward to seeing my new friends, working out and sharing a good laugh. I loved their spin classes, pilates, and yoga. I started running races and even ran a marathon.

You will always be in my heart
When I got pregnant with my 1st( I was terrified I would never lose the weight) they help focus on eating well and working out. Thru each of my pregnancies I continued to work out and stayed healthy and fit. They are always available for questions and truly looking out for my best interest. Life is a bit different now with 3 kids, but I still find time to work out. I often think about how different my life would have been if I had not met these great people. I am so thankful I did. This is no ordinary workout center, this is the best workout center. Thank You Diane, Jeremy and Darla – you will always be in my heart.
– Denise Brady

Fitness Partners is my fitness family; with all the meaning that family constitutes: support, caring, guidance, encouragement and affection. The entire staff is invested in the health of its members, and the dedication they show to us explains why there are so many long time Fitness Partner members. Thank you, Fitness Partners, for seeing our potential, investing time in our physical well-being, and teaching us that there is no reason to stop reaching for that next goal!
– Anne Provost

Great high-energy, low-key atmosphere
I’ve found Fitness Partners a great place to improve my fitness level, have fun and make friends. My spinning and Pilates teachers are really knowledgeable and helpful. It’s got a great high-energy, low-key atmosphere. And the value is amazing.
– All best, Milly

Community Support
Dear Diane & Jeremy, I didn’t get a chance to tell you at the party but I wanted you to know that I’m so proud to be part of a group that supports the community like you both do. The money you raise is so helpful and important and it amazes me what you’re able to accomplish! You build people up on all levels….kudos to both of you for all you do!!
– Kristy Dunlap

Unconditional encouragement and friendship
“Even though I’m not the “Fittest” of Partners, it’s a pleasure to go to a place where I am offered unconditional encouragement and friendship. We really are a Fitness Family”
– Allison M

Great People
“Great people that are always there for you. Even when you take a year off. It’s like Family!”
– Anonymous

I have been a member of Fitness Partners for over 10 years
Fitness Partners is not a gym, its a family of caring trainers. All the staff partners help each and every member to meet their personal goal at your own pace. They keep you in the know of all the latest health aids. This keeps me coming back for more.. I personally learned to eat and exercise for my body type to be in the best shape ever..
Always a partner,
Arlene Webber, Salon Ciseaux