is an exciting new program that utilizes your heart rate to help you maximize your workout.

 The MyZone Heart Rate monitor allows you to see in real time (displayed on TV’s @ FP) how hard you are working.

This will help let you know if you need to AMP it up or Tone it down.

Additionally…to make it more fun and challenging you will earn MEPs (MyZone Exercise Points) during your workouts.

FrontDoorPoster2Points are earned according to different heart rate zones (displayed as colored tiles on the TV’s). The higher the zone…the more points you earn, motivating you to work at an intensity that facilitates change.

The fun will continue with different MEP challenges throughout the year.  Lots of chances to win and to get in the best shape of your life!

Each workout stats are uploaded, saved using the Free MyZone App.  With this App you can track your progress, accept challenges, challenge other Fitness Partners and get motivated to keep working hard!

We hope you’ll take the next step and try one of our Demo belts to see what MyZone can do for you!  MyZone heart rate monitors are available for purchase.  

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Contact Jeremy or Diane for more information.